Spending less time on Google and more time trusting yourself.

I'm a fairly stubborn person with a love of figuring whatever 'it' may be out my damn self. This means, if you've written an article online on how to best clean your bathtub, or grow your Instagram following, then I've probably read it. However, I am starting to realize that my love of Google and knowledge has been hindering my productivity.

For example: in the starting stages of my business (right now! yay! such a fun time!) I am wanting to set my foundation RIGHT.  So, even though I have helped others succeed and have reached a point where I generally know my shit, the thoughts of "maybe _________ has a guide on how to properly set up a business." or, "__________ has probably figured out the best way to do this", or "I should probably check with ________ before eating breakfast today. I'm probably eating the wrong breakfast for my business.", constantly flood my brain. 


Enter Google and hours upon hours of searching for the perfect plan/guide/breakfast for me.


And where do I find myself after all of the Google research?  A eureka moment with a solid plan and idea of what to do next?  Not once.  I usually find myself still looking for the best way to do _________, because there are so many resources on the best way to do __________ and how can I succeed in doing ________ if I haven't read them all?  Never mind that most of what _________ says are steps that I already know and have already been applying.

And this is when too much information is no longer a good thing.

After spending a month working hard on my business, but not really accomplishing anything because my working hard was being spent on research on how to BEST do everything, I realized that while I may be pretty stellar with getting client's businesses running smoothly, I have been brutal with setting my own up.  Why?  Because I haven't been treating my own business like I would someone else's.

When I am working with a client do I talk with them about an idea and then spend hours Googling how best to get said idea done? No. I talk it over strategically, create an action plan, and then get to work. Why? Because I know what to do and trust that I can make it happen when working with them.  I've let information overwhelm and self-doubt take over, because I am not believing in myself like I would believe in a client.

So, what am I now going to do to make sure that this information overwhelm, self-doubt, and inaction stop? I'm going to be the business manager for myself that I am for my clients. I'm going to make a plan, create solid action steps, and then get 'er done.

What do I suggest for other business owners?  Find someone who believes in your business as much, if not more, than yourself to bounce ideas off and help you move from the stages of self-doubt to general kick-assery. Take it from me. It is a way more effective way to spend your time than any number of hours spent Googling how-tos is.


Jillian SpanglerComment