What to Expect at an Amy Porterfield Event.

A whole hell of a lot. Basically this whole post can be summed up in that one sentence. If you go to an Amy Porterfield event you can expect a whole hell of a lot. 

I was so fortunate to be able to join my rockstar client, Dawn Bradley, (watch her because she is doing amazing things) at Amy Porterfield’s FINISHED: Course Completion Workshop event as her OBM and Integrator.

Amy has a brand spanking new course coming in January and this two-day event was a crash course on how to complete your course. Before I went to the event I obviously Googled “What to expect at an Amy Porterfield event” because I’m a neurotic over-planner who doesn’t like surprises and Google surprisingly let me down. So, for anyone on the fence about attending a live Amy Porterfield event this blog post is written for you.

The Venue

What to expect at an Amy Porterfield event

The FINISHED event was held at Paradise Point Resort in San Diego. It was my first time to San Diego, and I will hopefully be back again. This was such a beautiful place for an event. We had two people per full 6 foot table and power bars for outlets at every table, which is perfect for an event that includes a large workshop element. Although lots of handouts were provided (yes!), my favourite way to work through an event is by taking notes on my computer and putting everything everything into Asana (more on this in a bit) as we go through it.

Each morning started with a beautiful complimentary breakfast that included green juice (yum!), greek yogurt acai bowls (double yum!), eggs, toast, and fruit. 

You were warmly welcomed by Amy’s team and volunteers as you first stepped into the event venue and picked up your lanyard with your name on it.

A bag full of snacks (“Amy’s Brain Food”) and a folder full of all of the day’s handouts were waiting for you when you arrived for the event. Seriously. No detail was missed. As an OBM I am very critical of everything, because I’m constantly looking for possible holes that could be made more efficient and this event had everything planned out and executed to perfection.

Amy makes it look easy as hell. She is the queen of automation (and list building, and courses, and marketing - such a wide queendom she has), so I was not the least bit surprised at how smoothly the event ran. Amy (and her rockstar team) made it look effortless.

It takes a lot of behind the scenes work to pull an event off at this level, and I felt myself being filled with just the highest level of respect and admiration for Amy and her whole team throughout the entire weekend.

The Main Event

Now it’s time for what everyone is waiting for. Amy. The maven herself. As Amy came on stage the room was filled with the buzz of excitement. It was on par with a toddler’s excitement for The Wiggles’ concert. Yes, that level of excitement and it was kept up the. entire. day. Not manically, but in an energized way.

Each day was set up so that there was a 20 to 40 minute talk, 20 minutes to work through what was just talked about, and then 20 minutes for Q&A. Yessssssssssss. This is how EVERY workshop event should be structured. It allows for high level learning and a-ha moments, time for ACTION to get that shit done, and then time for questions, because they will come up as you go through the work. These are long full days (from 8am to 9pm, if you want to take everything that is offered in) and structuring them in these time blocks allows everyone to keep the momentum going and not get stuck on any one point for too long.

What to Bring:

  • Laptop

  • Notebook

  • Your OBM or Integrator* (seriously, this is something I’d love to do with you)

  • Asana (or project management tool of your choice)

  • Sweater (room gets chilly, y’all)

*This isn’t a requirement, but I was constantly complimented all weekend by Dawn (thanks, Dawn!) on how grateful she was to have me with her. When you’re creating your first course or launch it is crazy easy to get overwhelmed (I’ve got a few course launches under my belt, and I still can get overwhelmed by all of the moving parts of what needs to get done).

Amy’s event will have you spinning with creative ideas and actions to take. However, I am a firm believer in that you will get stuck in overwhelm if those actions aren’t then assigned to someone with a due date. So, putting these tasks into Asana (or having your OBM or Integrator do it) as you go through the event workshop allows you to have one hell of a solid plan to combat this overwhelm when you get home and the excitement from the weekend has worn off.

What to Take Away with You:

  1. Excitement.  Let’s face it. Entrepreneurship can be one lonely road where it is easy to get stuck in your head. You’ll feed from the energy of other entrepreneurs and be excited with all the new info you learned. ‘Cause, I don’t care how many years you’ve been doing digital marketing, you will most definitely learn something new.

  2. Knowing that you are a big deal. Amy wants you to know that you’re a big deal and you’ll definitely be treated like one during the whole event. Açai bowls, water bottles, brain food, and her team members on call for all your questions will make you feel like you are one at the event, but make sure that you take this with you when you get home too. You are a big deal.

  3. Business cards (and loot) from all the amazing people you’ve met at the event. I (like most other introverts and people) hate networking. This was the only event that I’ve been to where the networking hasn’t felt like work and has happened organically. You will meet other amazing people without trying. One person anonymously gifted everyone at the event with amethyst bracelets and handwritten notes. Another with affirmation notes. Another with pins that said “I’m a big deal” on them. That is the caliber of people who will be attending this event with you.

So, what can you expect at an Amy Porterfield event? Nothing but the best and then prepare yourself to be surprised, because Amy and her team will still overdeliver on that.